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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Song Playlist : End of August 2011

Yup, just like the tittle, this post is just containing my current song playlist at my music player which always accompany me sitting in front of my PC when i need them.

maybe you never heard it before, or maybe you ever listen and love it too,
some new song, some so oldies,
and without any certain genre.

So here you are : my song playlist to the end of  August 2011.

# Autumn Song by Manic Street Preachers
# The Only Exception by Paramore
# Insya Allah by Maher Zein
# Cave In by Owl City
# Walking After You by Foo Fighters
# Gobledigook by Sigur Ros
# Under the Same Sun by Scorpions
# Guitar by Cake
# Miss You Love by Silver Chair
# No Rain by Blind Melon
# Like Paper Cuts by Mew
# Season's Call by Hyde.


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